Star Wars Saga Edition - V2

Into the Lower City

A wretched hive....

And so begins the second adventure.

Sneaking onto the suspected smugglers ship, Aiden Flamestrike and Malaeth Herrskk stumble into some security droids. After a few close battles they are joined by Elecktra and find a crate of smuggled spice in the crew compartment. Reporting back to Jhonston Terrace they are rewarded with month long passes to the lower city.

After making their way down they decide to follow their first lead, the pistol left behind by one of the Rodians during the heist. The pistol is unique and they track down the maker to be a Hutt arms trader known as Blon Questas. Malaeth speaks in Huttese and barters some sort of a deal in return for information on the Rodian he had sold it to. It turns out to be a Rodian swoop bike mechanic called Handy Andy who runs a warehouse in B district. Due to a mis understanding over a Vibro blade and a ‘mace’ Elektra is kicked out of the premises by the Hutt and Aiden and Malaeth follow shortly after.

They continue to the warehouse, where things get… weird. At the gate the security guards are tricked into believing Elektra is a slave, and that her master Malaeth is going to offer her services for allowing the party to slip through. After a brief arguement the party slips through the gate unmolested.

A plan is hatched. Aiden and Elektra will distract the Gamorreans outside the workshop while Malaeth sneaks in to speak to Handy Andy. Elektra argues hard for a simulated rape/beating, but Aiden reasons well and instead mind tricks her into taking her clothes off.. This gets the Gamorreans attention and Malaeth speaks to Handy Andy.

It turns out that Handy Andy isn’t really a gangster and was swayed into it by his cousin Handy Brian, a notorious shattered swoop gangbanger. Handy Andy gives away his cousins whereabouts in return for a favour, that his cousin is made to ‘dissapear’.

Coming up on a Shattered Swoop hideout Aiden asks the guard to fetch the Rodian Handy Brian. While he is away performing this task Aiden begins to slice the swoop bikes in half with his lightsabre that are parked outside. A gunfight ensues, pants turn to brown when a gamorrean with a Vibro axe enters the fray, but the party are successful extracting the information required, taking Handy Dan back as a prisoner and learning of the kidnapped girls whereabouts.

The HQ where Gemma is being kept is a heavily fortified warehouse. A guard and two turret cannons guard the front entrance and a security camera to the side.

An elaborate plan is hatched. Elektra rides up on a swoop to the front, gunning down the sentry in broad daylight, before turning around and racing off chased by the shattered swoop riders form inside. While this commotion ensues Aiden and Malaeth make their way into the side door using the force to blind the camera and their lightsabres to cut through the door.

Elektra being chased through the streets of the lower city keeps the majority of the base occupied.

Aiden and Malaeth make their way up the stairs to find Brutnick with two Twilek dancers surprised. A few force slams and a force choke later the room is cleared, the daughter is recovered and the party makes it back to a Lhosan hideout where the girl is handed over.

Having successfully rescued Gemma the party is rewarded richly and a celebration is thrown.

Three weeks will pass before the next adventure.



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