Aiden Flamestrike


Jedi knight

Aiden Flamestrike
Male Human Jedi 1/ Soldier 1
Force 3, Destiny 2 (Corruption), DSP 0

S: 13
D: 14
C: 10
I: 10
W: 14
Ch: 12

F: 14
R: 17
W: 15

HP: 35

Skills: Use the Force +7, Perception +8, Initiative +8
Talents: Deflect, Force Pilot
Feats: Force Sensitive, Force training (2), WP Lightsabers, WP Simple, AP Light Armour
Force Powers: Mind Trick, Negate Energy, Force Grip, Battlestrike, Force Slam, Surge

Possessions: Combat Jumpsuit, Lightsaber (blue), Utility belt, Robes


Aiden is an orphan; he was delivered to the Jedi tower on Tarsis as a small child, and subsequently raised as a Jedi Padawan. The tower has been his home for over 12 years now, and he yearns for adventure and a change of scenery from the routines of his childhood life.

His Master, Zendo Kai, is a gifted Jedi Sentinel, however he is also frequently called away on secret missions for the Enclave. Further, Aiden suspects that the other Masters at the tower do not fully trust him for some reason, as they frequently overlook him for important missions. As a result, Aiden has found himself often alone and unsupervised. Despite this, Aiden has thrown himself into his studies, and is regarded as a precocious talent by others at the Jedi Tower. Also, during his masters frequent absences, he has taken it upon himself to protect and mentor the other younglings at the tower.

Although he admits it to no-one, Aiden partially resents his Master, and the other Masters at the Temple. There is something about the temple Masters that Aiden has always sensed as being slightly ‘off’. He secretly chafes at the way his master is overprotective when present, frequently holding him back from more dangerous missions, while conversely possessing strong feelings of abandonment from his master at times when he is away. As a consequence of this (or so Aiden assumes) the young Padawans dreams frequently feature a frightening faceless antagonist weilding a lightsabre with a yellow blade, identical to the weapon of his master.

Recently Aiden has began to associate with other outsiders at the temple; a female Chiss ‘minder’ and her charge, a Force sensitive Mrlissi whom it is commonly thought bought his way into admission to the Tower with political and financial incentives provided to the Enclave. Together thier adventures have taken them deep into the Undercity where they came up against and defeated the violent and ruthless Shattered Swoops gang.

Aiden is unusual for a Jedi in that he respects technology, and avoids overt trappings of mysticism in relation to the Force, viewing it as simply an extension of his will, or a tool to be used like any other. He is a skilled Pilot, and is comfortable in advanced forms of light battle armour, which he often wears under his Jedi robes.

Aiden is 17 years of age, handsome with steel grey eyes and short brown hair. He is frequently introspective and often quite calculated in his approach, but when he acts, he favors decisive and direct action, confident in his skill with the lightsabre and his training in the Force.

Aiden Flamestrike

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