Malaeth Herrskk

A charming yet spoilt noble currently learning the Jedi Arts.



Noble 1/ Jedi 1

STR: 6
DEX: 16
CON: 8
INT: 13
WIS: 14
CHA: 16

Feats: Simple weapon proficiency, blaster pistol proficiency, lightsabre proficiency linguist, force sensitive, skill focus persuasion.

Talents: Wealthy, adept negotiator

EXP: 1,900


Malaeth is a Mrlssi noble. Son of Vasst Herrskk, a wealthy and high ranking corporate office in Lhosan Industries. A very persuasive and charming young Mrlssi, Malaeth was force sensitive from a young age and learnt to use his powers secretly and subtley to help his familys business.

However he resents the fact that he was never picked by the Jedi as a child, and believes if they couldn’t spot his power from an early age, then how wise can they really be?

Malaeth is driven by money and power, and believes the key to success is removing competition. He has decided to leave the business world behind to seek out more knowledge of the force and it’s mysterious call over him. Using his family connections Malaeth has managed to get himself a place training at the Jedi Temple on Taris.

By no means evil, Malaeth is a shrewd business man and is not interested in the pleasantries of conversation unless it will benefit him.

Malaeth Herrskk

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